Forehead Lift-Brow Lift

Forehead Lift-Brow Lift

Forehead Lift-Brow Lift

What is an cosmetic forehead and eyebrow lift?

• Over time the forehead develops horizontal lines, the depth of which varies from person to person. Vertical lines also form between the eyebrows. As is the case with facial skin, the muscles that hold the forehead taut become loose and weaken over time, allowing deep wrinkles to appear. The eyebrows gradually drop, leading to the appearance of a tired facial expression. Poor nutrition,smoking,an irregular lifestyle,stress,air pollution,insufficient or absent skin care, gravity and facial expressions all contribute to this cosmetically unwanted condition.

Who are the candidates for this type of surgical procedure?

• This type of procedure is generally performed on male or female patients who are over 40 and in good health. A forehead lift minimises the wrinkles that have developed across the forehead. The eyebrows sagging above the eyes are lifted to their normal position.Correction of a wrinkled forehead usually leads to a more youthful look.At the same time, wrinkles around the eye can be eliminated to some extent.If there is excess sagging skin that needs to be removed, the classical forehead lift method is employed.In this method an incision in the shape of a crown is made 4-5 cm back from the hairline,and is hidden within the scalp. However,when this method is employed,long-lasting temporary sensory loss occurs in the scalp. The brow lift procedure, which restores the eyebrows to their normal position,is part of the forehead lift procedure. A separate eyebrow lift is unnecessary.Lifting the eyebrows only through an incision at the temporal region and partial forehead lift is not a preferred method.

How is the surgical procedure performed?

• The endoscopic method has recently been applied in forehead lift procedures. In cases where the amount of excess skin to be removed is not too great, the removal of three or four pieces of skin of 2 cm in length will today give the same result. This method is used for the majority of patients.With this technique,the post-operative period passes more easily and sensory loss does not occur in the scalp or is kept to a minimum. The procedure is made in the operating theatre of a hospital under the supervision of an anacosmetic. General anacosmetic can be used, as can local anacosmetic and intravenous sedation techniques. The procedure lasts one and a half to two hours. The patient does not require hospitalisation following the procedure. When necessary, the operation may be performed at the same time as another cosmetic procedure. However,both the procedure and hospitalisation period will be extended in such cases.

The post-operative period
• The initial phases of the post-operative period usually pass smoothly. General swelling and bruising may occur on the forehead and around the eyes. Numbness and a sense of tightness in the forehead are also possible. These will go away within two weeks. A dressing can be used that does not cover the eyes,nose and mouth. The bandages are removed after two days. A general check-up and wound dressing is made. Hair is washed and the bandages can be replaces if necessary. Sutures are removed within five to seven days.

Returning to normal life
• The surgery usually yields favourable results. Corrections are rarely necessary. The patient can go back to work and start wearing make-up after two weeks.  Avoiding heavy exercise and sunlight as well as protecting the area from the outside environment for two months is recommended. As it continues to be affected by gravity, the new shape of the forehead and brows will lasts for five to 10 years in some patients,while remaining unaffected during the entire lifetime of others, depending on the features of the individual.